It all started when, quite by accident, I discovered the mindfulness required to participate in abstract painting and the joy I felt when combining the two!

My personal mindfulness practice brings me into an availability for joyful living.  I finally made the connection that I could share a meditative experience combined with painting for wellness to anyone!  I am not an art therapist.  Rather, my sessions offer a purposeful detachment from stress and a connected experience with paint.  You will go home with a piece that looks unlike anyone else's, much different from other group sessions - its completely about YOU, your peaceful experience, and INTUITIVE EXPRESSION!

PRICING:  Sessions at Yoga love by aimee, **SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING FOR APRIL and MAY, 2018, $35

CLASS RESERVATIONS, PAYMENTS, ETC:  marygut789@gmail.com

In-home or office events available! Please inquire! 

Peace and joy, Mary